Rushford, Minnesota was recognized as a trail center for both indigenous Native American tribes and settlers, and as an essential railroad link to founding progress and growth.

Today, Rushford remains a primary highway crossroad. Our must-see Depot Museum and Visitor Center, sharing grounds with a blend of historic buildings, is an appealing landmark stop on the Root River State Trail.

Running through Rushford, this Rails-to-Trails project links several small towns along 42 miles of former railroad grade. Rushford's historical trails await you.

"My husband and I are from northeast Iowa and come to Rushford about 3 times a summer to ride the bike trail. We always have an enjoyable visit. We were there this past weekend… and challenged ourselves to ride our bikes up the hill to the scenic overlook. Holy cow, what a hill, especially the last part on the gravel. The view was great! And what a great little park….the grass was especially soft and rewarding after that climb! We rewarded ourselves with ice cream from The Creamery on the way out of town.......YUM!!!!" Carla

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